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I was just talking to my brother about this last night. He was telling me something about something he’d found that talked about all these “hidden” sexual innuendos in cartoons. We got to the subject of the Powerpuff Girls and the Mayor’s assistant, Sara Bellum, who was supposed to be the “brains” of the operation (cerebellum). Remember her?


It was at this point that I said, “You know, the sucky thing about being awakened to the patriarchy and noticing all the sexist shit out there is that it’s getting harder and harder to enjoy entertainment.”

Because, Jesus Christ, it’s EVERYWHERE.


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    I found this when backreading my Tumblr and I thought this is a point that needs to be brought up again.
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    I saw the later comment about this, but I actually think that even though Sarah Bellum was super smart and independent...
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    This is an interesting conversation. Anyone have anything else to add? Personally, I think that a lot of these Cartoon...
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    yeah, and if you watch feministfrequency on youtube’s video on straw feminism, you’ll realize the writers of powerpuff...
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    this is interesting. go read it.
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    But Powerpuff Girls uses a straw feminist, a villain named Femme Fatale, to argue that having no real female...
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    I agree with that, overall Yeah, it was cool I guess that she was very intelligent and saved the day a lot, but I don’t...
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    I remember as a kid, when I saw Sarah Bellum, I remember seeing the “joke” in the cartoon that she is drop-dead gorgeous...
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    Actually, she’s designed like that for a reason. As you said, she is the brain of the show. Her name is pronounced like...